1. What services do Fastearn offer?

Fastearn is a unique platform with the following services:

eBooks; these are detailed guides of written content which has been researched and found to be reliable sources of knowledge and information by our team

eBooks help our clients identity business opportunities by reading on the detailed guides which are of various types and content. The eBooks are full of entrepreneurial content and therefore our members will identity what fits them and work on how to get the necessities from the provided sources. The eBooks have been proved to be work by those who took time to read them

  1. Surveys

These are information gathered from people who could be possible consumers of goods and services 

Surveys play important role in market analysis and with every business that would like to carry any surveys about their business as a way of studying their clients.

And it lets business tailor goods and services according to consumer needs

Active members only will be legible to conduct surveys whenever there are any available and they are eligible to conduct them so as to get some commissions from them. The cost of each conducted surveys are dependent on the survey.

  1. Affiliate program

Get paid for recommending more affiliates to Fastearn when they register and pay;

And get paid commission for the same.]

  1. Do members receive commissions?

Yes, they do through affiliate program and surveys when incorporated

NB: FastEarn subscription is a one time time payment of ksh 500;

Direct referral earns 400ksh

Indirect referral (A) earns 200ksh

Indirect referal (B) earns 120ksh

  1. How to make payment?

Use our automated STK push method by pressing pay option

  1. Can I refer from other countries?

For now ,no...maybe latter

  1. I sent someone my link and I didn't see on my referal list, Why?

Maybe he/had registered and they got an account or maybe they didn't join or they googled FastEarn and joined from our website

  1. How do  I know if my clients have paid?

Tap earnings ,search for the client if the dot is  green yes if red they have not,

  1. Can someone get refund if they join and decide to opt out latter?

Nope no refund, because we will have paid the person who recommended Fastearn to you a commission

  1. Can I join Fastearn without being recommended to by someone?

Yes google Fastearn.co.ke and tap register

  1. Is it a must for me to join Fastearn?

No, It’s not its optional to join